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Council of Doom Theatre Co. is William and Sharon Stiteler, a husband and wife team who produce irregular shows according to an irregular schedule. They really need to get their act together, because when they do manage to put on a show, lots of people come to see them and the press usually says nice things.


This was their website.
Content is from the site's 2005 -2006 archived pages.


William Stiteler is an actor/playwright (by choice) who became a director/producer (by necessity). He directed the the first full-text production of The Reign of King Edward III by William Shakespeare following the play's authentication in 1998. So he's got that going for him. In addition to adapting Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean's graphic novel Signal to Noise for the stage, Bill wrote THACO, a comedy about roleplaying gamers that was a sell-out hit at the 2005 Fringe Festival. His new play, Watching Porn, opens in August of 2006.

Sharon Stiteler, better known as the Bird Chick, is rapidly becoming a multi-media superstar. In addition to her regular appearances on the KARE-11 Today Show and A Balanced Breakfast on FM-107, Sharon's the author of a line of nature calendars for eight different states, and will see her first book, City Bird, Country Bird, published in 2006. Sharon's work for Council of Doom includes acting, doing the sound design, playwrighting CoD's first show, Sweet Percy, and co-writing Play on Birds.


THACO Returns!

CoD is proud to announce that THACO will be presented on 
October 7, 8, and 9 at 7 p.m. at the Salem Black Box Theater,
located on the east side of Salem Lutheran Church.

Tickets will be $12 ($10 w/ 2005 Fringe Festival button)

For reservations, call (612) 816-0758.


Some nice things people have said about us:

  "Hilarious... Casting Kelvin Hatle as Dave was a smart move: his endearing sincerity in the face of utter humiliation turns Dave into Everykid. We feel his pain, and then we laugh."-Pioneer Press    
  "Council of Doom sounds more like a cheery death-metal band than a theater company, but the local troupe is proving its mettle with a 'newly discovered' Shakespeare work, The Reign of King Edward III. Lust, obsession and war are infused in this bombastic brio..."

-Rohan Preston, Star-Tribune

"...opened a vein at the midway point and generated palpable rage and anxiety... This play rates a run beyond the Fringe."

-Eric Hanson, Star-Tribune
Signal to Noise

"This is first-rate verse, dark poetry on the nature of romantic obsession. William Stiteler directs with clarity and with a hand for the excessive emotions."

-William Randall Beard, Star-Tribune
Edward III (Fringe)

"Council of Doom does an admirable job with Edward III... the troupe successfully uses modern costumes and an empty set to focus attention on the action in this fiery and lurid drama..."

-Tricia Cornell, City Pages,
Edward III (Fringe)

"The Stitelers are an appealing comedy team, young and eager..."
"You don't have to be a birdwatcher to enjoy this slight but chipper collection of skits..."

-Max Sparber, City Pages
Play on Birds

We were also picked as the number one worst show of the year by City Pages' Max Sparber, which I took as a compliment. But Max also gave us a rave, so it's all good.



"Anyone who is a nerd or geek, or knows one, needs to see this. 
I wanted to climb up onstage and roll a character. "
-Audience Review
"Five stars! I have achieved Nerdvana. I can't recommend this one highly enough - go see it."

-Audience Review

"Five Stars! Make your saving throw v. high-larious"

-Audience Review

"Five Stars! Most importantly, I truly understand the difference between Geeks and Nerds now."

-Audience Review

"A Critical Hit! If you ever stayed up all night gaming or still have friends from high school you play D&D with, you will recognize the characters in THACO, and one of them might be you."

-Dave Romm, Shockwave Radio Theater

"(THACO) is about games players, not games. It's about people who know fantasy from reality, but find fantasy far more intriguing. The cast is terrific, and the auteur himself onstage as a kind of Alistair Cooke, providing explanation and commentary."

-Ari Hoptman, playwright/comedian

THACO sells out! In the good way!

Thanks to everyone who came to the shows, and to the Fringe staff for making it all possible.

We will be restaging THACO: keep watching the website for more info, or send us an e-mail to be added to our online mailing list!

Thanks again to everyone.



THACO premiered as part of the 2005 Minnesota Fringe Festival

If you never have been to the Minnesota Fringe Festival it takes place over 11 days in August. Iheaters throughout Minneapolis turn themselves over to a crazy madhouse of shows. Between August 3 and 13, more than 150 shows and nearly 800 performances are presented throughout the city during the festival. The festival is a beast unto itself, providing a mix of established stars presenting new works, companies trying to get a foothold in the local community through a splash at the festival, and others embracing the old maxim of "putting on a show." The Fringe format of 60 minutes for the show plus a short time to set up and tear down, lends itself to simple productions and one-actor shows. Whenever I attend the festival, I always think that it must be a bonanza for manufacturers of plastic trash bags. You may think this a rather odd observation, but I happen to work for an online ecommerce site that sells janitorial supplies. Wherever I go, I am always judging the qualtiy of toilet paper, paper towels, etc in the public rest areas. Thrash bags came to mind when I was at the festival. In fact, I have actually gotten a couple of theater clients at the festival by introducing myself when I attended a show. LOL. I just loved the Council of Doom Theatre Co.'s production of Watching Porn, which is about obviously, porn. The show was a romp through the puzzling rules of pornography and how one young man tries to use that in his relationships, to inevitably disastrous results.


Watching Porn

Oh, nothing much

You're so good to me


Is this a dream sequence?

Kevin Hatle, Sandy'ci Moua, Christina Frank, and Trevor Hartman. Photos by Scott Pakudaitis

Greetings, Mortal.

The councillors are currently hard at work on their next show, Imaginary Conversations from a Real Marriage.

In the mean time, they heartily encourage you to slake your artistic thirst by patronizing this year's Minnesota Fringe Festival.

Other distractions from the agony of awaiting their next production include:

The Council of Doom MySpace page.

Disapproving Rabbits.



Council of Doom Theatre returned to the Minnesota Fringe Festival for the third time with this comedy about four men and their love/hate relationship with their own geeky nature. THACO was performed at the Acadia Cafe as part of the 2005 Minnesota Fringe Festival.


Adapted and directed by William Stiteler from the graphic novel by Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean, and presented at the 2002 Fringe Festival to sold out performances.

Sketch comedy about birds, birdwatchers, and the people that have to live with both of them. Our most popular show, this one had sold-out performances at the Acadia Cafe, the Fringe Festival, and birding festivals across Minnesota. Written and performed by Sharon and William Stiteler.

The lost play by William Shakespeare. CoD produced the first full-text production following its authentication in 1998. A cutting of the play was presented at the 2000 Fringe Festival.

Council of Doom's first show: demented brothers, Barry Manilow, and a cat full of diamonds. Written by Sharon Stiteler.